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Hardscaping Products

Pavers, Wall Stone, Fieldstone and more.

Pavers + Wall Stone
by Ideal Block

The highest quality hardscaping available.

Ideal Block

We are partners with Ideal Concrete Block to provide high quality hardscape materials to upgrade your outdoor living space. With a selection of stone that comes in a variety of sizes, natural textures and finishes, we’re confident your next project will offer functionality while meeting your desired style.

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Pavers + Wall Stone

Bulk Fieldstone (NEW!)

We’re now offering beautiful bulk New England Fieldstone rounds and mix (rounds + flats) sold by the ton.

Treads, Steps, and Pattern Stock

Thermal Bluestone pattern stock and treads.
Granite patter stock, treads, and steps.


No job too big or too small.
We deliver locally to the Metro West & surrounding areas.

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